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you are the assignee for the following bugs for Mageia and we would like to know
whether they were assigned correctly. For each of them:

 * Please change status to ASSIGNED if it is, or put OK on the whiteboard instead.

 * If you don't have a clue and don't see a way to find out,
   then please put NEEDHELP on the whiteboard.

 * Please assign back to Bug Squad or to the correct person to solve this bug
   if we were wrong to assign it to you, and explain why.

 * You will not be pinged for this again, if the status is set to ASSIGNED
   or if the whiteboard contains the string OK.

Thanks a lot!

  This search was scheduled by rdalverny at gmail.com.

Bugs that need you
Bug 6416:
  Priority: Normal  Severity: normal  Platform: All
  Assignee: mageia-i18n
    Status: NEW
   Summary: Hebrew translation problems (drakconf)

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