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07.04.2013 13:42, Rémi Verschelde пишет:
> 2013/4/7 Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor at ukr.net <mailto:yurchor at ukr.net>>
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>     Hi! Please open access to subversion. My login to
>     identity.mageia.org <http://identity.mageia.org> XliN
> Hi Valentin, I'll be glad to grant you commit rights on SVN.
> I just to specify something before: There have been a few new Russian 
> translators lately and we're really glad about it! Welcome to all of you!
> It would be nice for the rest of the i18n team to know if you have 
> done what's necessary to organise yourself as the Russian translation 
> team, or if you are all working by yourselves on different topic?
> It would make things simpler if you are organised as a team, so that 
> we can grant commit rights to one of you (e.g. to you Valentin, since 
> you requested it and if your fellow Russian translators agree with it) 
> as the team's commiter. You will then be the priviledged commiter for 
> your team (i.e. the other translators should send you their 
> translation, or on the i18n-ru mailing list).
> Cheers,
> Rémi (Akien)
Give me access to SVN. Our guys will send me a transfer. All the same, 
we're from the same community and talk to each other every day.

How to use SVN is written here? 

Valentin (XliN)
Mageia Russian Team

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