[Mageia-i18n] When will packages be updated with new translations?

You-Cheng Hsieh yochenhsieh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 02:23:38 CET 2013

2013/1/16 Thomas Backlund <tmb at mageia.org>:
> Oliver Burger skrev 16.1.2013 11:14:
>> Am 16.01.2013 09:59, schrieb You-Cheng Hsieh:
>>> I didn't check all mageia specific tools, but those should give you
>>> the idea. If translations are done after last tarball commit, it won't
>>> be included even though we translated it before i18n freeze.
>> I'll ping the devs about it.
> We will sync up the translations soon, hopefully for beta2 depending
> on code state in /soft

Thanks. I would like to suggest if we can sync translations at least twice:

- The first time should be done before beta3 (beta2 is even better).
So that we can check translations in Live/installDVD.
- i18n teams fix translation errors or typo and submit to svn.
- The second time should be before rc or final release, depending on
when the last sync is done, so the fixed translation is included in
our final version.

Best Regards,

You-Cheng Hsieh

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