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On 04/05/2011 10:55 AM, Anne nicolas wrote:
> 2011/4/5 Patricia Fraser <trish at thefrasers.org>:

>> I'm feeling a bit confused here.
>> Is there actually anything wanted from the marcomm team of 1, or not?

Well Trish, I'm thinking that perhaps we've gotten out of the whole a
little lethargically, waiting for other things to happen we may have
felt was necessary.

On the develpment side, it's not so unlike and automatic process where
each member knows what needs to be done and has been doing pretty much
the same thing in packaging and testing and other typical software
related functions.

Yet what I've seen here from our team is something amidst the bootsrap
process of the Mageia council, and other 'departmental' aspects of
bringing the entity to life as a product or service.

As someone coming primarily from the technical side of things, I can say
that if neccessary, we just put our heads down and plow through what
needs to be done, in order to make the tool work.

We don't have to have a name for what we're doing, or a palatable face,
since in the purest sense, functionality and utility is truely all that
is required.

But that doesn't make for the brand, or name recognition in the public
sector (regardless of how techie or not the audience is).

It's really great that you stepped over to take the chair for the marcom
team now that the Council is actually seated, and to be fair, a nod (as
you suggest via the semination across the organization of marketiing
material) is required from *somewhere* on our part - if for no other
reason that to NOT get things wrong, like the details or the message.

Until now, and the point where you offered to represent Marcom in the
Council meetings, I think we were effectively hamstringed in our ability
to move forward - unless it was unilaterally. Something we didn't want
to do, and rightfully so.

>> If not, then is there a reason to have the team at all?

That depends on whether we want a message to effectively permeate the
industry. My Guess is yes, but expect to be marginalized and discounted
 at every turn of events.

Instead of coming up with the message, in a FOSS tech driven project, as
opposed to a corporate beaurocratic enterprise, the pace of development
and innovation usually far exceeds the pace at which Marketing can
envision, develop, brand, and deliver OUR contribution, so in light of a
completely different development ethic and control structure on the tech
side, our mission might be (instead of forming the message and brand),
to define what the tech side has produced, and remain proactive enough
to guess where it's all going.

In the FOSS community, R&D immediately precedes release. Not like
corporate enterprise where releases can be held until the entire package
can be released as a cohesive web.

It's no one's fault, it's just a different paradigm we're going to have
to embrace, and have our pencils and erasers handy at every turn.

> My point of view for now :) :
> We should prepare all process for beta2 and next releases. Time is a
> bit short for beta1. It took time to release isos and on my side I'm
> just finalizing things. What I suggest is formalize this for beta2.
> WDYT ?

Well Anne, since you asked, and in light of what I related as my
observations above, I would recommend that we give Patricia our full
support going forward with our position of relevance there, and also to
just forget about beta2 and focus on Mageia 1 RC1 or Stable - it is the
 second week of April, and there is quite a lot still on the plate to
deliver our complete package for Mageia 1 in June.

In the meantime, Patricia will be able to engage in the process of
enforcing a place of relevance for Marcom in the Mageia Universe :)

>> Cheers...
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