[Mageia-marketing] Plan - stuff to do pre Beta 1 release

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
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On 04/05/2011 11:17 AM, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:

> I'm looking forward to your ideas. From my point of view there isn't
> that much to organize:

Apologies for responding here instead, but it's good to see that you
have a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics here, based on
the exchange between you and Patricia in the posts that follow this one :)

> 1. Announcement for forum, blog and mailing lists has/have to be
> written (who does this?)

Ennael appears to have written the one for Alpha 1. Whether or not she
actually wrote it is beside the point.

I think she's the logical spokesperson for, lack of a better term, the
corporate face of Mageia.

Now, having said that, perhaps it is time to bring up how grammatically
atrocious the English version of that blog announcement was. It's
obvious that even the wind of that release announcement never came
through this committee - which is an obvious case in point.

I also concur with Patricia regarding what we refer to in technical
terms, a *Role Account*, for the dissemination of Press releases, news
articles, etc., for places like below...

> 3. Entries in /. and DW have to be made/sent (who does this?)

One thing the rest of us don't have to wait on is decide where in the
cloud we're going to put our master spreadsheets for our media contacts.

We should decide that right now - this isn't something we need other
aspects of the project to concur on before moving on - it's internal.

We can start with one of those services like SugarSync, DropBox,
GoogleDocs, or (my personal preference) something like TigerCRM that our
Marcom team can utilize to keep track of the myriad of press contacts
and resources we must maintain.

We have our own servers now, and I think a CRM is warranted, but
regardless, we have an immediate need to keep our stuff in the cloud and
share it with each other.

To the list above, I would also add DZone and DistroWatch. It may sound
a little self serving, but we should have a couple of templates to push
product reviews to several sites too, IMO.

> What else?

I'll of course be releasing my news articles heralding the release of
Mageia 1 Stable in the usual syndicated channels I use.

Oh here's another great site I use a lot, which really has strong Kung
Fu: http://www.prlog.org/

I'm happy to set up accounts in a few places like that, as well as /.,
freshmeat, DZone, and other places, but before I can...

We need our role account[s] (aka personages or various persona) to have
email addresses too. I think three or four to start would be good.

Say, mageia-xxx at mageia.com (I could care less about the namiing
convention used, but something relevant and mnemonic).

After all, we have to verify for all the sites we register with in the
channel, and need an email address for that via our role accounts.

We've got about an hour less than we did when I made my last post to
this list, until the release of Mageia 1 Stable, in June.

Kindest regards,

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