[Mageia-marketing] repost - original was too big for a marketing list???

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Wed Apr 6 13:30:00 CEST 2011

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I noticed that we have a press at mageia.org. Who is handling that role
account? And our FaceBook Account?

These are things we should be collecting the particulars of, and who are
the managers of those role accounts, etc.

I know Romain brought this up over two months ago, I just went over it
in the list archives, and to my knowledge, a report containing this data
hasn't been presented as of yet.

But I'm not certain that it hasn't, just that it hasn't been presented
on this list or our IRC chan in any of our marcom meetings.

Regardless, we do need a few role accounts, and username at mageia.org
would be good too for each of us to have too IMO.

And we don't have a marcom group in the forums either, and this was
discussed at length on the list here too (you'll recall the discussions
about whether we would stick with the existing FudForum software we had
been provided or whether we would be moving to other software at the
mageia.org proper site ;) ). Who do we talk to to get this corrected?


I'm not aware of any issues we've had with spambots on this list, but I
would think that sending image and soundbyte attachments via this list
would be a norm, rather than an exception.

So the list is moderated, why, I couldn't guess, but that is sad.
Especially since we haven't had any issues to date that would warrant
that AFAIK.

Well, I just reposted my last post (sans the photo of the urination act
- - for that you can simply visit the link below to our public facebook
page for mageia).

What follows is a repost of my [moderated] post:

Anyway, whichever way we go, or don't go, I was pretty tired when I did
the first write ups, so again, apologies for the typos :)

Also, I was blowing through those last two posts so fast I think I was
thinking SugarSync, then somehow SugarCRM got into my head when I meant
to say VTiger CRM, rather than TigerCRM LOL!

It's good stuff, I support about 30 instances of it in various
enterprises, and can serve the entire organization or just marcom,

I recommend the marcom team members each have a look at it here:

Finally, I have to go back and ask again, "Who is, or collectively are,
the people responsible for posting such possibly inappropriate material
on our facebook page like:

Is that the kind of message we want to put out there? That of Urinating
in public?


Yes Trish, There is a very important place for Marcom in this project,
and that's just another example, IMNSHO, of what happens when we don't
have a standard protocol that is filtered through this part (the marcom
part) of the Mageia Universe.

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