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On 04/06/2011 03:12 AM, Romain d'Alverny wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 11:36, Bradley D. Thornton <Bradley at northtech.us> wrote:
>> These are things we should be collecting the particulars of, and who are
>> the managers of those role accounts, etc.
> Yep, but that requires a team to be setup and to show regular
> attendance and to have a clear lead - not that you aren't beginning
> now, but the marcom teams activity record is still in its infancy.
> So far, those aliases are managed through the board and maybe a few
> founding members.

Well I don't know what Trish's schedule is like, but I idle in #chan
most of the time, maintain archives of it, and can respond quite
regularly to any /query's or /msg's sent to me ther (tallship).

I believe that we can whip out a convention for the creation of the
email aliases to delegate to the council since they've seemingly taken
over the sysadmin team's job too, and we'll see if they actually act on
it, or pass it by like the forum/email list integration listed below as
a priority a few months ago.

We need a bit of reciprocity here. We can't be waiting on the horse for
the cart and be expected to deliver the grain before the horse arrives
to pull us along.

There's a lot of infrastructure we requested and decided upon having
here, and yet await.

If the council would rather do everything themselves instead, then more
power to them.

>> Regardless, we do need a few role accounts...
>> And we don't have a marcom group in the forums either, and this was
>> discussed at length on the list here too (you'll recall the discussions
>> about whether we would stick with the existing FudForum software we had
>> been provided or whether we would be moving to other software at the
>> mageia.org proper site ;) ). Who do we talk to to get this corrected?
> I'm not aware of (or don't remember about) that. If you are to use a
> Web-based forum, you would gain in using http://forums.mageia.org -
> but be aware that:
>  - you will get a higher scrutinity there - not that it's bad, but
> it's important to know;
>  - you will have to manage hiatuses between your forum and your
> mailing-list, some people not reading/using both.

Yes that was discussed at length, Wolfgang brought up the significance
of syncing the forums and the email lists so that two disparate groups
didn't begin to emerge independant of each other due to the lack of
preference for one medium over the other.

A simple technical detail that I'm wholly in favor of, although I myself
prefer to use email lists themselves :)

And forums archive better for search indexing.

That discussion is archived (Don't tell me if we don't archive this
Mailman list - that would be very bad and I would rather not know if
that were the case) on this list - the particular discussion being
spawned on 24 January 2011.

We've waited for about six months now as a team, and suddenly the
'council' is arbitrarily creating lists and contact points without input
or direction, or researching what has already been prepared and waiting
on their actual formation?

>> Finally, I have to go back and ask again, "Who is, or collectively are,
>> the people responsible for posting such possibly inappropriate material
>> on our facebook page like:
>> http://www.facebook.com/Mageia#!/photo.php?fbid=1371504459899&set=o.157247240967735&theater
>> ???
> Removed. That's more a matter of curation/moderation. The Facebook
> page is public and everyone can post to it (and that's good) but could
> be better animated, if we can focus someone more on this, yes (that
> role is in the users/forums/ml/community teams that are not really
> setup either at this time - maybe you could try to ignite that).

hm... :)

I did run over and throw a few posts out just to help in filling the
forums with some kruft and content so it can get going. I noticed
several others trying to do the same thing too :)

Eventually, we won't have to work so hard at that, and the business of
helping people with technical support issues will replace the
artificially prompted posts in the very beginning ;)

But as of now, I'm pretty much kaput. I wanted to spend some time
staying in synch with the discussion list here, and yes, I'm a little
frustrated that many of the things that appeared to be resolved on the
list here were seemingly disregarded when it came time to implement, and
simply arbitrarily taken on as a task by the 'council' and some
'founders'  w/o input, approval, or direction from this team.

It seems a bit ironic that we had to wait for those things to happen
(the seating of the council) and then all of the things we had in place
(throughout the archives of this list) haven't been attended to by those
we waited to create a position for, so it could be done by them.

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