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  1. test days announce on the blog (Romain d'Alverny)

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> Subject: [Mageia-marketing] test days announce on the blog
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> Hi there,
> [...]
> 2 test days are organized on 11th and 12th of April, focused on beta 1
> ISOs and following targets:
>  - list of included softwares in ISOs and repositories: file a bug if
> you see one missing and explain why we should add it;
>  - upgrade from Mandriva Linux 2010.1 and 2010.2: our target is to
> have easy upgrade for final release. Tests are really important.
> Please have a look on the upgrade test page;

I agree with the remark, that test are indeed important.
I think it is important to let's choose, what kind of apps, software,
packages people are like to use before
asking them about partioning of the hard drive. To figure out what the best
partition scheme is, is not the most easiest task.

Further the functionality mass renaming should be added by the
PCManfilemanager. The same functionality thunar in XFCE has.

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