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> Hi Zwikkle,
> > I agree with the remark, that test are indeed important.
> > I think it is important to let's choose, what kind of apps, software,
> > packages people are like to use before
> > asking them about partioning of the hard drive. To figure out what
> > the best partition scheme is, is not the most easiest task.
> >
> > Further the functionality mass renaming should be added by the
> > PCManfilemanager. The same functionality thunar in XFCE has.
> >
> >
> > Zwikkle
> This is really not the he best place for this report - the devel list
> would be better. Nothing is going to happen as a result of
> bugreports/wish lists sent to the marketing list.
> Cheers,
> --
> Patricia Fraser
How can I reach the devel list. I am not a developer. I am interested in
good package selection. I am interested which packages will
be selected in the standard installation. What will be the release cycle of
Mageia. How long will the first stable release of Mageia be supported by

Further I like to know what kind of promotion material is available for the
spread of Mageia. What kind of adds the Mageia marketing team is intended to
place in magazines. What kind of atomosphere would Mageia like to show to
people. Personally, I am thinking of the slogan: "Get inspired at Mageian
way." Mageia should be something to inspire individual people and


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