[Mageia-marketing] Showcasing technology and people

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 19 00:11:30 CEST 2011

2011/4/19 Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it>:
>> In the continuity of the WWC speech, ennael and I think it could be
>> worth it to setup a series of posts in the blog about:
>>  - what developers can find in Mageia (technology stacks that suit them)
>>  - what users can find in Mageia (tools that help them)
>>  - what people can do with Mageia (what gets done with it in the real
>> world out there)
>>  - what people can do for Mageia (contributors, in what, how and where).
>> Those both to show what is in, and get feedback about what could be in.
>> That would be a long series and the start would be with the technology
>> stacks (perl, python, ruby, php, etc.) in the form of some global
>> overview and one-on-one interviews with involved packagers/developers.
>> All in all, that would make 4 categories, and maybe need 4 distinct
>> persons to manage each category. In the best case scenario, we would
>> post 2 per week. In the worst, 1 every two weeks. And for that we
>> could use bonjourmageia.fr as a distinct mean to lead people to the
>> blog post.
>> Advice? I can start a draft for the whole structure to announce this,
>> and have a first post designed for Perl with Jérôme Quelin (who
>> packages most, if not all of it).
>> Romain
>> __________________________
> as i have already told you in the previous e-mail, i think we first need to
> setup a complete marketing plan that will driver our everyday action. For
> istance, in these blog posts you could have these issues:
> what users can find in Mageia -> who are our users? which features they will
> expect? are we able to provide them?
> - what people can do with Mageia (what gets done with it in the real world out
> there) -> what kind of people? depending on the people we adress to, it
> changes the work of the user
> if we don't have clear these aspects, we will be only ANOTHER linux distro,
> and i wan't that this happens.
> i think that until now blog posts about development progress should be enough,
> otherwise we risk to do all the errors the most of the distro do everyday...

So we are back at the "Who are our targets?" discussion?


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