[Mageia-marketing] 2011/week 17 review

Romain d'Alverny rda at mageia.org
Thu Apr 28 23:43:30 CEST 2011


On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 21:54, Patricia Fraser <trish at thefrasers.org> wrote:
> I really, really need to get that IRC meeting time changed [...]

I'm totally open to that (and any other way that would help for this
meeting to happen regularly).

>>    - localized bonjour* idea; with a bonjourmageia.fr experiment
>> first and more later with better directions;
> Yep. Can we roll that together with the blog post series? do a
> photo/pithy comment version of the blog post for Bonjour? maybe with
> pointers in both directions? And post on Facebook to say they're
> there, and so on...

Yep, we can. https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1044

>>    - hugs; quick to setup and throw;
> Yep. And *always* good!

Ok. https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1043

>>    - people profiles; will not happen at once, but it's good to
>> know in advance;
> Yep. Do we have a place for them? On the website? Separate blog?
> Where?

That would be based on an extension of identity, with a distinct
subdomain. And so far, this would be a specific app (existing or to
design). So it's not for real now, but it's good to know we go this
way to design further.


>>    - blog post series (technical stacks first, contributors second,
>> others later) - a pace of once a week would be good to keep and we'd
>> need to start it soon - needs a quick list of questions to prepare,
>> I can help to start that;
> I like the questions you have. As we see the need for more/different
> kinds of questions (from i18n, artwork, whoever) it just needs the
> more specialist questions changing - easy enough to bolt on when the
> time comes.

Cool! :-) So I'll push this to the list of people we know already, and
submit it to -dev team to get more people for the next pieces.

>>  * I opened this related bug
>> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=998
> Yep. It would be great to map our people, to have their geo location
> on their profile (if they agree, of course) - we'll have lots of ways
> to make this work to grow the community, if people don't mind joining
> in.

Oliver (obgr) told me he would take on this with a friend, for the
technical part, starting next week.

>>  * all distribution/web/communication artwork:
>>    - final distribution related stuff must be done, closed, shipped
>> before RC - so directions and reviews with/to artwork team must be
>> done very soon; who can take on this?
> Who's the artwork lead at the moment? I can take it on so long as a)
> I know who to approach (sending mails to the list doesn't always
> work) and b) what the deadlines are. I have some time on the weekend
> before I bolt off for 10 days on a trip, so I could maybe map stuff
> out with someone, and do bits and pieces while I'm away.

I'm the lead for now there too; TeaAge is getting a grip on this, and
it's supposed to change after Mageia 1 release (so I do hope).
Distribution artwork freeze is on its way [1], deadline being asap
now, so that RC has all final stuff. What needs to be done is: counter
review all beta2 stuff and submitted updates by the artwork team. It's
hard to get the team together but at the meeting on Wednesday - some
people hang out regularly on the chanel though.

[1] See yesterday's meeting log:

>>    - web artwork/design for final release should be done as well
>> around RC
> Is that only artwork/marcomm? I would think we need other teams in
> on this, yes? Who, and how to pull it all together?

Same here. For now, mostly me. That's mostly artwork/marcomm in
general. But, for this round, website design may be ok. What still
needs to be done, however, are the release pages (showcasing the
product) and here, some people in the packagers team are needed (best
knowledge we can have about the product). So a call on mageia-dev@ ml
is needed. We need: a story line, key elements, screenshots.

So for these two, I can still act as a lead, but I need some
assistance and/or teams to self organize a bit as well. Or I will
happily delegate it as well. The schedule being, as usual here, short.
I would prefer you focus on the RC/Final release message instead

Then we'll need to refine the download & support portals.

>>    - other stuff?
> The kakemono - is it finished, and did Damien get to use it? I saw
> some stuff whizz by, but it seemed like it was a) late and b)
> unfinished. If we're doing projects like that - kakemono, posters,
> t-shirts... where there's input from both artwork and marcom, who is
> supposed to keep after it until completion? Can I make a strong case
> for its being artwork, at least for now?

We just need to have someone in charge for specific tasks, not
necessarily always the same, but at least someone to coordinate and
keep everyone updated about it.

About kakemono, there was a huge quiproquo in communication; artwork
team started working on it without notifying anyone and then proposed
two options; but had no feedback in time. For this round, I'm not sure
we'll make it for a kakemono, we'll make a smaller poster. Damien,
around? Could you update everyone about this?

>>  * marketing plan: [...]
>>    - I'd like to add a quick time table to help with retro planning
>> here (integrating some of the above);
>>  * anything else?
> Yes, please.

Will do next week (and will be around on irc). I'm offline until Monday now.

Have a great week-end!


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