[Mageia-marketing] Communication about the alpha and the ISO 0 release

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Tue Feb 8 22:04:07 CET 2011

> > On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 19:19, DjeZAeL <djezael at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> I am worried that some people will be awaiting for Mageia and will be
> >> disappointed (about the way they could use the distribution) because they
> >> were told that they would be able to try it quickly.
> Ok, having discussed on IRC with DjeZAel further about this, it seems
> some people advertise the release to be available (because they
> believe it to be and they don't check) and to be usable for everyone
> (for the same reasons of not caring enough to check what's happening).
> That's life so we have to prepare & square our message to start to
> talk about the release before it happens.
> So here is the situation at this very time:
>  * we won't release an ISO by January; we are late, although we are
> really reaching the point to be able to build an ISO;
>  * that we *can* build and release an ISO does not mean that it is for
> everyone to use; again, this first alpha will be of no interest for
> most people outside of the project.
> Let's sync with founders this evening about this (or tomorrow) as to
> post on -discuss, Twitter and our blog (at least) a statement about
> this:
>  * don't promise what you don't know about this release;
>  * do not market this release outside of the project; it will be of no
> interest outside of the project; it will be announced nonetheless, but
> not as a general, usable release;
>  * do not reclaim for download mirrors when there is not even a
> release announced; be consistent;
>  * please be very careful about the release message as it impacts the 
> Advice?
yes : ) the ancient wise says "if you want a thing to be remembered, put it on 
its name" : ) (copyright by Marcello Anni 2011)

why don't we call it "Ugly and unuseful" or "Don't try it" or something 
similar? 99% of such an issue will be resolved : )
> Cheers (and thanks DjeZAel for reporting this)
> Romain


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