[Mageia-marketing] Mageia logo

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 24 05:19:49 CET 2011


A medium sized event is coming up in Germany (
http://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de/2011/info/index?cookielang=en ) and we
will present Mageia at a stand. The organisation team sponsors the
print of a large sized poster for each project, not only for this
event but also to take away and for use at other events.

See an example (our poster for the Mandriva community):

As you can see i will need a logo to show. I know that the logo is not
yet finalized. But the deadline for the poster is coming Saturday (Feb
26th). So, the question is, what I could use. I need it in EPS and
PNG. Pls note that this poster will be shown at all German events this

I will compile and send the other parts of the poster for comments
later today or tomorrow.


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