[Mageia-marketing] Back to work - meeting proposal

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 16:53:18 CET 2011

Hi there,

thanks Marcello to ping the team again! :-)

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 17:26, Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it> wrote:
> topics to discuss:
> - back to vision work (long-term vision about mageia project)
> - back to mission work (short/medium-term vision about mageia distro)

Yep (as a side note, you left the channel before I could reply: it's
not only about linking from the temp wiki to Graham one and
vice-versa, but to copy the pages contents to the temp wiki).

> - target product choice

Already been discussed several times and squared back, both for
product and project. But good for reminding/improving on it, yes.

It should be discussed on -discuss and kept into reasonably feasible
limits: roughly, Mageia 1 will be a release providing typical ISOs,
roughly equivalent to a MDV Free++, in DVD, liveCD, VMs forms - those
ISOs will allow for desktop and server deployment at least, minimal
systems setup (from the dualarch). There's room for improvement in how
we present/dispatch things. Again, this must be open and discussed on
-discuss in a guided manner before we close it, and help present the
final images in June.

As for discussing target as a particular population, Mageia 1 is too
soon and the team is too small at this time to try to go further than
the conservative path: make a strong product, with many different
possible uses + attract/advocate to advanced users that can become
developers/contributors. Advanced users does not necessarily mean
"highly technically skilled people", btw. And that does not prevent
the product to be used/usable for non-experts: what is good for
non-experts is good as well for experts; or it's not well executed.

> - leader and vice election

And further team organisation and pace, yes.

> - guidelines to provide to artwork and dev teams

Not sure what you mean by guidelines for dev teams?

As for artwork, that would be a joint effort. I'll fire up the wiki
pages with templates/directions about that, as we already had a few
drafts from the past weeks.

> - decide which way (and means) to promote mageia

Wobo had an interesting start for previous Council meeting, but we ran
out of time/energy to get to there. Next week I guess.

> - create a pitch for the product and the project

Goes back to above vision/mission, actually. That's a dynamic thing,
but we can at least set a global theme for the next 2 years and for
later on.

> - think about creating a mageia commit-digest (meetbot here could be really
> useful!)

Could you describe in more details what you mean by that?

> - anything else : )

Well, that's a reflexion to have on -discuss as well, but I would like
the project to work on how people contributing and using the
distribution recognize themselves, as a group, online and offline.

In a very concrete example, that could be, not exclusive of other
things, having a lightweight social network (as in, people having a
dynamic shared profile page that advertises their role and
contributions within the project) and/or having a way to prominently
push forward the human side of the project (real pictures of real
people involved in the project).

One other avatar of this could be the bonjourmageia.fr website (not
used yet, but can be as soon as a team can take a hold on it):
everyday, or every two days, a picture of someone, a group of people,
involved/linked to Mageia + a short presentation of who/what/when/why.

All in all, that makes quite a big list of things to manage. So it
would be good to prioritize and dispatch:
 - more communication topics: comm tools, promotion stategy, bonjour,
blog, website
 - more marketing topics: mission/vision, pitch, Mageia 1 product presentation

Reminder: alpha 2 is for March 15th* (in 19 days) and it would be
really great that by then (for its release):
 - some work is done on the pitch (that means vision/mission is
squared a bit as well and pushed by the board);
 - product presentation discussion has started on -discuss
 - comm team sets up.

Beta 1 is for April, 5th* (in 40 days) and here we need to have the
website ready in many aspects so the identity/strategy of the project
already squared so we can have made some progress on the site info
architecture, goals and navigation, then its design.

* roadmap is here:

Now, as for holding a meeting, as far as I am concerned, it would
happen in the 8-18 UTC time frame - as
suggests, 15 UTC on Thursday would fit (or Monday, but we miss people
then; or Wednesday but we miss people too). Or if we want to get with
Graham, we need to do it way sooner in the morning or later in the
evening (and I won't be there then).

So let's try next Thursday at 15 UTC on #mageia-marcom and in the
meantime, start the work on the list and on the channel, anytime, with
people being there and ready.



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