[Mageia-marketing] Meeting?

Graham Lauder yorick_ at openoffice.org
Fri Jan 7 22:22:12 CET 2011

On Saturday 08 January 2011 05:57:05 Romain d'Alverny wrote:
> Hi there,
> happy new year to everyone. I wish you all the best!
> This mail for four things:
>  1. I guess there's not much activity in the marketing area; since
> several weeks; what's your diagnostic about that?
>  2. shall we hold an IRC meeting next week (if possible between 9:00
> and 15:00 UTC) on irc.freenode.net/#mageia-marcom to:
>    * know where we are (see 1.);
>    * continue from there;
>    * start discussing the website contents/editorial structure;
>    * start thinking about the distribution release that will start
> with a very technical alpha this month; (so that we can discuss this
> too on -discuss);
>    * think of the roadmap for this year for Mageia;
>  3. we did not yet launch the communication team (willing contributors
> here: http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=communication ); I wonder if
> we wouldn't better merge both teams (marketing+communication) to have
> those two especially in sync (as well as with an effort to sync with
> artwork & some web devs);
>  4. who will be at FOSDEM in February? (5-6, in Brussels)

Apologies all, my earlier positive claims about my return were rather 
premature and after weeks of Physio I am at last getting back the use of my 
hand.  My wife is restricting my computer time savagely because holding onto a 
mouse for any length of time results in my hand seizing up followed by 15 
minutes or so of painful stretching and exercises. It appears we don't repair 
as easily as we once did when we had fewer wrinkles and grey hairs.  

On the upside my physio recommended kneading dough as a good therapuetic 
exercise so I've become a dab hand at making bread, this week I'm moving on to 
pizza dough.

The good news is that all of the above has been doing the deed and I'm well on 
the way to full recovery.  I'm now "allowed" three 30 minute stretches at the 
keyboard per day, a vast improvement since before xmas and I should be back to 
full function within a week or two and I shall start annoying everyone again.


> Cheers,
> Romain
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