[Mageia-marketing] Meeting?

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 24 11:54:12 CET 2011

2011/1/22 Romain d'Alverny <rdalverny at gmail.com>:
> Actually, the more we go further, the more I'd like we try to get rid
> of meetings (or use them sparringly just for quick votes on decisions
> layed out on the list before with stakeholders) and get the team
> driven by actions and deadlines, using the list as a common meeting
> point.

The example of Bradley and his ideas (which almost got lost because
they were given on irc) told us that IRC is a short-lived medium and
we all want to be able to go back and refer to something somebody
wrote 100 years ago. So I support this idea to:

 - do all discussions in the mailing lists
 - reduce meeting schedule (those who are members of several teams
will love this)
 - hold meetings only to do final decisions about topics we discussed
in the ml before (in general)

>> - coming back to marketing strategy:
>>    * vision creation
>>    * mission creation
>>    * slogan creation
> Some work was started in this regard and it may be usesul to start it over.

I may remind you of the "values" page which should give much
input/inspiration about these points.

>> - start thinking to every means useful to promote mageia (youtube promotional
>> videos, demonstration videos, creation of a well-organized wikipedia page
>> etc..)

One essential part to promote something is "Keeping us in the news" -
which means "visibility" of the name.
More about that in an extra thread.

>> - election of a vice-leader (useful until graham will come back)
> There is no leader in the team yet, so with all respect due to graham
> and his great investment from the first day, team leader, deputy
> leader and representative places are still open. And for an election
> to happen needs team peers to be named (those who can vote/be
> elected).


>> - necessary means to be in touch with other teams
> What do you suggest? Email, lists and IRC is mostly the most used at
> this time. I fear the forum won't be an option to have everyone agree
> on (it's only a complementary thing).

So, let's keep the mailing lists.
Not to repeat a problem at Mandriva where forum people and ml people
were almost 2 different worlds we will have to deal with a
communication bridge between the forum people and the ml people - this
may be a task for the forum moderator team (or others)


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