[Mageia-marketing] FOSDEM presentations draft plans

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Mon Jan 31 22:53:54 CET 2011

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It's looking pretty good Romain :)

I cleaned up a couple of things, not much though, since this is
basically just a cheat-sheet/notes page for the presenters/speakers to
queue off of, where they can pick/choose items/topics that are relevant
given the time frame they are alotted, etc.

On a slightly more humorous note, I was going through and reading the
mix of French and English, and observed that even twenty years after
leaving college, I'm still able to read in French, although I will
probably always have problems with nouns, especially industrial and
technically related items.

Being a member of the sysadmin team myself, I added content in the
*sysadmin* area of the notes, for the most part mirroring our stated
progress and a few todo items. the percentage of completion for moving
the entire Mageia infrastructure to our self-hosted services and domain
is arbitrary - I guestimated we're at about 85%, but can't speak
authoritatively as to the particular number, which is a moving target
anyway and will change by the time FOSDEM occurs.

Okay, getting back to the Open Source convention in Mexico next month -
This  should serve really well as a basic template for the speaker there
too, although we should bear in mind that he has an entire hour to make
his presentation, perhaps 50 minutes, after allowing for a 10min Q&A.

Is there a link to the slide show presentations, etc., that you
mentioned? We should probably get to work on making sure that it is
localized for the primary language of the respective audience a speaker
will encounter at future engagements.

i.e., I reckon we'll need to translate the slide show into Spanish for
the convention in Mexico :) Something I really can't help out with :(

I could have gone through and cleaned up language issues on that page
dealing with the translations and spellings, but most of it was pretty
obvious anyway, as to what was being referred to, and again, it's only a
template for the speakers to  base their  presentations  on, so  what's
the point in changing all occurances of *septembre*, to  *September* -
IOW, it's not like it's marketing copy going to the lithographers ;)

Hope that helps!

Kindest regards,

Bradley (tallship)

On 01/31/2011 09:19 AM, Romain d'Alverny wrote:
> Hi there,
> here is a draft of the presentations we'll give at FOSDEM; there is
> still a missing part in the common trunk and I expect to load it this
> evening from previous slides and talk notes.
> However, please review this and give your feedback (add/remove/focus);
> presentations will be 30 mins only, expect for 5 mins of Q&A, that's
> short.
> http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=docs:fosdem2011
> Still mix of English/French. Still not very well structured. Still not
> very complete "Org focus" part.
> Romain
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