[Mageia-marketing] Mageia 2 technical specifications

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Fri Jul 15 17:54:52 CEST 2011

> Hi Marcello,
> > I've already told you i couldn't use the pc because i was preparing
> > an exam for the university... other than me, why all the people
> > that have ideas but don't follow ML are ignored? aren't we a
> > community that brings people to contribute? instead of defend
> > yourself i would appreciate this sentence "you proposed your ideas
> > late... anyway because we care about our community and our project
> > i will take a look at them and in plus i will create a blog post to
> > invite other people to contribute to mageia 2 specs". i don't find
> > it so hard to say this...
> Just to get things a bit straighter...
> This is a community. That means, no one person gets to run things, or
> gets to have the final say.
> All you - or anyone - need do to get your ideas heard is to
> participate - be on the lists or the forums, reading and
> constributing, when things are being decided, and contribute your
> work to the project. If the other people in the community like your
> ideas, your ideas will get up - that's all it takes.
> If you aren't putting your ideas in, while decisions are being taken,
> well - they'll have to wait for the next round, that's all. And
> that's what will happen with your additional ideas for Mageia 2. 
> There is a finite number of people in the Mageia community - we're
> all volunteers, and nobody is paying any of us. So, it just doesn't
> work for anyone - community member or not - to come and say "you
> should do this" and "you must do that". If you're a community member,
> the expression is "We could do this (and I'll do this bit of it),
> what does everyone think?" If you're not a community member, then the
> thing to do is become one...
> Maybe you could cut Anne a bit of slack, here - you seem to be mostly
> complaining, when it was you who was absent! Your reasons might be
> good ones, but while you were away doing exams, Anne was doing a
> *lot* of stuff right here at Mageia. You can actually find out what
> it was, if you read the blog, the list archives, the wiki... 
> Maybe, now that your exams are done, you could read up on where the
> community is actually at, and start participating again?
> Cheers!
that's what i'm doing right now, i'm subscribed to near all the mageia list...

anyway, this is not a personal complain, keep it in mind; i'm speaking about 
this only because happened to me, but i think out there is plenty of ideas 
that will not be implemented in mageia  because only ML followers knew this...

i'm not complaining about MY proposals, i'm complaining about the MISSING blog 
post that should notice the people ideas page was up and available until xx 
date. this not happened.  why a normal user should follow all the mailing 
lists if he can't or doesn't want to partecipate? why shouldn't we accept his 
ideas only because he isn't involved in the team? don't  you want to implement 
his interesting feature only for revenge about his missing in the ML?  

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