[Mageia-marketing] Getting the Donations requests out there

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Mon Jun 6 23:03:16 CEST 2011

Hi Romain,
> you could as well post this directly on marcom I guess.

And artwork (who will always get dragged into these things 8-))... we
might even take it over to the Discuss list when we've got it a bit
more together, what do you think?

> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 22:04, Patricia Fraser
> <trish at thefrasers.org> wrote:
> > First, on the front page of the website when it comes off the
> > announcement-day layout, I'd like to see a top-right box with
> > "Please Contribute" as the heading, and first after that should be
> > "Please Donate" with a link to the how-to page with all the
> > progress reports; only after that the link to the "Other Ways to
> > Contribute" page.
> >
> > I'd like to put a little "motto" with the Please Donate link -
> > something that changes every three or four days, just for fun.
> > (Can we do that easily?)
> On the home page, it really depends on the message this very page is
> supposed to bring.
> But, complement to this, we need a few updates on:
>  - the donation page (better showcase amount received, goal to reach
> and usage, in a graphical way; maybe make a better incentive to
> donate and providing an option to regularly donate);
>  - this can be used to showcase the donation status around the place
> (home page, or footers here and there) with a motto or without.
> Before reviving more the donation thing, we need to be able to show
> that we know how to handle this money; that means, public forecasts,
> records, activity and feedback, and actual use of what we have
> already (as for the 2011 forecast, we didn't receive more than 2k
> on the 20k we expect).

Okay, we can design that all together, I think - what goes on the
front page and how it'll look, and where it will link to and what we
want there.

Following up on pledges is a bit of a different activity, but we
could include a reminder on the Donations page - did you pledge?
Now's the time to make good! or something like that.

Feedback please!
> > Second, I'd like to add a para to every second blog post from now
> > until the end of August - don't forget, you can help with money
> > too (or something like it), and a link to the Donations page.
> We can add a permanent footer to blog posts; see bottom of this post
> http://37signals.com/svn/posts/2940-svn-flashback-product-roadmaps-are-dangerous
> for instance. These are good reminders.

Yes - that's a great idea.

> > Third, I'd like to carefully insert the possibility of people
> > contributing money into *some* of the texts we send out to
> > journalists - this is the one that's most sensitive, so feedback
> > please!
> Not sure what you mean here?

If we're asked (as for the Inquirer article) to put some words into
someone else's article, do we want to add Donations as a way people
can contribute? 


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