[Mageia-marketing] It's time to think about Mageia 2

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Mon Jun 13 20:11:36 CEST 2011

> Just as a side note:
> I have been following this thread and was inclined to join in, but
> each time Trish and/or Romain have written what I was going to say,
> only in much better style!
> One thing:
> Aside from the board there is but one section of the whole project
> able to force other sections: the dev-team (incuding packagers and
> sysadmins) if what they say is based on technical reasoning/facts.
> This being a community work we all can offer our ideas but we also
> have to be ready to convince others of the benefits of our ideas -
> that is the only force we can apply. We can only do that by
> communicating as often as possible, discuss, listen (ideally more
> than talk).

Thanks Wobo, and Romain, for nice clarity!

When we first started the marketing team with Yorick, it seemed like
we were trying to do the marketing plan ahead of the community
development - telling them how to be, in effect - and the community
(unsurprisingly) told Yorick (and by extension the rest of us) just
exactly how they felt about *that*. 

I've since come all the way round to see that any marketing plan has
to grow out of the community's wishes for where it will go; so I
think we'll maybe be able to revisit it, in a year's time when we've
got at least one more release notch on the Community Tally-Stick. We
might even see that the only marketing plan we need is those Core

Tasks, however - there are always lots of those. Making the release
public; encouraging people to become part of the community; starting
discussions like the visual branding one; participating in the
forward-thinking discussions over on Discuss and Devel - and as you
say, listening, listening, listening.

Comunication - great, ain't it?


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