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Apologies for top-post!

Muktware.com's ask for writers is 750 words; they deal mainly with
Ubuntu, Android, smartphones and suchlike. Also, they want exclusive
content - $10 isn't a lot of money for exclusive!

I'm not sure that they're the greatest fit for the people we want to
reach just at the moment - maybe when we get to the Release
Candidate? They're for users rather than developers, and right now
we want developers and testers. Maybe we can write back saying
thanks! We'll keep this in mind for when we've got something that
will interest your readers - ?

press@ needs to go to {some people|a person} in Comms team -
marketing can happily write stuff up, but Comms should keep track of
who, where, when. 

My 2c!


> Hi there,
> below a request received on the press@ contact and I believe this is
> the best place to sort it out (btw, we ought to know how we dispatch
> this address within communication team as well).
> Welcome are your input and handling (how to refine this proposal,
> what to propose, who to propose this to, should we even do it or
> not)?
> Thanks!
> Romain
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> From: Swapnil Bhartiya <editor at muktware.com>
> Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 20:43
> Subject: Re: Media Query: Interview Request With Mageia
> Hi Romain,
> I just learnt about the Mageia Planet launch, congratulations. It's
> good news for users and especially for Muktware, as we have been
> keeping a close eye on the development of Mageia ever since the fork
> was announced. The Mageia Planet will be a very good resource for
> staying updated with ongoing development.
> I have a proposal in mind. At Muktware we are always looking for
> exclusive and useful content for home/business users. At the same
> time, we also want to contribute to the Mageia community. How about
> we start an exclusive/dedicated section for Mageia, written by
> Mageia contributors?
> 1. Mageia contributors can use Muktware as a platform to exclusively
> talk about features of Mageia or the packages they are working on.
> 2. A Howto/Tips & Tricks section contributed by Mageia contributors
> about how users can use Mageia or GNU/Linux to do things easily.
> There can be several such opportunities for the Mageia community to
> interact with its potential users. The target audience will be
> 'home/business' users. It will also help spread the word about
> Mageia and Linux in general.
> In return, we will contribute $10 per article to Mageia. This is
> just an initial proposal, what do you think? If you like the idea
> we can work on further details.
> Best Wishes
> Swapnil Bhartiya
> Editor-in-chief
> Muktware.com
> Cult of Ubuntu.com
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