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Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Wed Mar 16 20:19:22 CET 2011


I'm conflating answers to package naming and website stuff together,
because I think the two have some cross-over.

One of the reasons a person new to Mageia will visit the site is to
find out about Mageia and its various flavours/iterations, and
whether they fit the visitor's use case, or appeal to their wish to
join a project. So, whatever we call the "products" <shudder>, we
need to communicate about them really, really effectively.

> Goal of this topic is double:
>  * study/propose/find a name for the product as such (Mageia? Mageia
> something? something?)

Skirting around this for the moment, except to say that I favour the
style Mageia {flavour} {n}; can our names follow the Mageia-Cauldron
lineage maybe? Alchemy for the one where you have to roll your own
kernel... 8-) I'm afraid I don't find the explication on the wiki
very helpful - are we going to have flavours, for different use
cases, or just what is it we're naming?

>  * refine/study/propose/find use cases to confirm existing delivered
> products or suggest new ones (new ones may not necessarily be
> available for Mageia 1, but will likely be tested just after for the
> next run).

Skirting around his one too, *but*:

Whatever "products" we have on our list (I hate that word. Can we
find another, less commercial generic term for the various flavours
of Mageia?), something *nobody* does well and we could is:

- Have a full specifications page on the site for each flavour,
  linked from the main list;
	- for instance, *why* use the "gamers" or "multimedia" or
	  "VI Accessible" flavour? What is better about it? What are
	  the gotchas? What packages do you get on the ISO? What
	  kernel is in it and what's installed if you just take the
	  default? What services will run with the default install?
	  What have we changed in packages from the upstream settings?
	  etc. etc. etc.
	- most of this info should be available from the packagers -
	  can we ask them to give the comms team a heads-up in some
	  way when they add/change things, so information on flavour
	  pages can be updated?
- have a progression from less to more technical/detailed info - links
  to package info, for instance, especially the Drak packages and
  their derivatives and other Mageia/Mandriva specialist packages -
  I've had msec installed for umpty years and I still haven't ever
  found decent documentation!
- Include release dates of each Flavour, and links to older versions;
  link to the info from the roadmap; make it possible to land on
  Flavour info from lots of places including the front page, with
  that link right up at the top of the page.
- Link to Forum/ML discussions about particular flavours (if we have
  fora/mls dedicated - which we hope we'll get nice and large so we
  will 8-)).

This would add a chunk of data to the website as its currently
envisioned, but it would add a *lot* to the user experience.


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