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Sorry 8-).
> > Okay - understood. Then, maybe, we name it according to the kind
> > of installation rather than something confusing, and we have a
> > way for a new user - I'm thinking new-to-Linux as much as
> > new-to-Mageia - to discover a) what each of them means *and* b)
> > which of them will suit this user at the moment. A "what does
> > each one do" set of information and a "which one do I want" set
> > of information.
> Yes. Simple.
> So that would make:
>  * Mageia 1 DVD (32 or 64bit)
>  * Mageia 1 dual arch CD
>  * Mageia 1 netinstall CD
>  * Mageia 1 LiveCD (32, 64bit, locale specific)
>  * Mageia 1 Mobile (for an equivalent to Flash)
> that we can explain in a download/selection page depending on the
> intended uses, with a set of default download made available in one
> click (typically, that could be the 32bit LiveCD or dualarch CD).

Sounds great. Now if we can just organise an extra 8 hours in the
day, I'll start writing some of the docs... 8-)

Is the doc team doing anything yet? Sorry, I don't really look at a
lot of the activity outside of marcomms/artwork.

> > It would be good to name Mageia releases/iterations/flavours in a
> > way that says to the newcomer: "this is for you! We hope you like
> > it!" and even "if you like it, maybe you'll join us?"
> Definitely yes. That could be "platform"; although, speaking of
> "Mageia platform" may refer to the project itself, the
> infrastructure, or the end-product-distribution. Hence maybe the
> need to consider a product-focused" name in the future, distinct
> from "Mageia" (that would be the project's name).

How about words like: issue, release, volume...? Platform is easy to
confuse with hardware, and distribution would include everything we
release, ne?

> >> Yes! To find the right balance, and delivering it as a useful,
> >> clear, to the point doc, still attractive and welcoming. We can
> >> do it. We can do it. There's a lot to learn from Rails and
> >> similar modern web dev tools online documentation that is far
> >> ahead.
> >
> > Documentation is often the poor relation, but it's the place where
> > makers talk to users; it's the place where we can be the most
> > welcoming - like a gateway into the community. Worth doing.
> Totally agree. I would hope that we get to the point of having
> something like http://developer.mozilla.org/ equivalent for the
> developer/technical contributor side and st equivalent for
> users/newcomers.

Yep - and maybe a portal-ish front page that lets people find their
way to the appropriate spot, which can change as time goes by!


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