[Mageia-marketing] Was just kicking around some words...

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Thu Mar 24 18:06:50 CET 2011

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Hey I was playing around with what amounted to a stack of names that
went through my head here and there. It's kind of in a list type of format.

It's probably best viewed as plain text.

Here's a short list of possibile monikers to consider along. Feel Free
to Add to it or whatever. Alternates of this scheme follow the main list

Mageia I eServer	(Enterprise Server)
Mageia I Flash		(USB Flash Drive)
Mageia I Home		(Home/Desktops/Laptops/Workstations)
Mageia I Live		(LiveCD)
Mageia I netLite	(NetinstCD)
Mageia I OpenVM		(DVD w/Guests & Templates for the following:
			 VirtualBox; Bochs; VMWare; OpenVZ; Xen PV)

Other similar monikers:

1.) Magieia I eServer

	a.) Mageia I e
	b.) Mageia I E
	c.) Mageia I Enterprise
	d.) Mageia I Server
	e.) Mageia I Datacenter
	f.) Mageia I Production
	g.) Mageia I Prod		[*] My Personal Fav

2.) Mageia I Flash

	a.) Mageia I USB
	b.) Mageia I uFlash
	c.) Mageia I u
	d.) Mageia I U
	e.) Mageia I Stick
	f.) Mageia I In A Flash
	g.) Mageia I Pocket Edition
	h.) Mageia I Pocket
	i.) Mageia I Tote
	j.) Mageia I uTote
	k.) Mageia I CarryOn

3.) Mageiea I Home

	a.) Mageia I h
	b.) Mageia I H
	c.) Mageia I d
	d.) Mageia I D
	e.) Mageia I Desktop
	f.) Mageia I Workstation
	g.) Mageia I WorkSpace
	h.) Mageia I Personal
	i.) Mageia I You
	j.) Mageia I Pro
	k.) Mageia I WS
	l.) Mageia I ProW
	m.) Mageia I ProDesktop
	n.) Mageia I Extreme
	o.) Mageia I P
	p.) Mageia I Station		[*] My Personal Fav

4.) Mageia I Live

	a.) Mageia I LiveCD
	b.) Mageia I Anywhere

5.) Mageia I netLite

	a.) Mageia I Net
	b.) Mageia I NetInstall
	c.) Mageia I Lite
	d.) Mageia I Min
	e.) Mageia I NetInst
	f.) Mageia I Stream

6.) Mageia I OpenVM

	a.) Mageia I VM			[*] My Personal Fav
	b.) Mageia I VM Pack
	c.) Mageia I Guest
	d.) Mageia I VirtualMachine
	e.) Mageia I Virtual
	f.) Mageia I V
	g.) Mateia I GuestVM
	h.) Mageia I Portable

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