[Mageia-marketing] Mageia-marketing Digest, Vol 7, Issue 4; CD design of Mageia CD

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Tue May 10 20:35:27 CEST 2011

> [...]

> I think ennael is on this.

> It's not so much about "short on material", there's a lot which could
> have been done (like nice CD/DVD labels, a nice screen presentation,
> graphical flyer layout with a general text to be translated and used
> in different countries, etc.
> Romain

I agree to this. But it should be easier to upload your stuff and to get in
of other people while designing the CDEEs.
As a shop worker in seconded handed CDROms for computer software, I figure
the design of the CD wallet is very important. It should be designed in a
fashion people know where Mageia is al about. I think a pictorial way of
portraying Mageia is the best solution. I think Ubuntu CD wallets are great
in their choice of color, but not attractive in the sense people see
pictogrammes, pictures or diagrammes. I believe a nice graphical design
would be a great. I have made up some lettres. Perhaps I can get into touch
with some who can help us spread Mageia.

I like to help translate Mageia.

What are the core keypoints or strongholds of the Mageia distribution. I
figure out
during the social media session here in Uden (Netherlands). Social media is
very important, especially Linkedin, Twitter, etcetera. There was a guy, he
talked about TweetDeck. Perhaps such an application should be integrated in
the Mageia distro.
I think Mageia should promote itself by social networks.

Yours faithfully,

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