[Mageia-marketing] [Mageia-artwork] proposal for installer screens

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Tue May 24 19:00:40 CEST 2011

(sorry, didn't reply to both lists)

Hi there,

thanks Marcello - and Patricia, for your proposals.

I'm going to comment both and add three things that would need to be
in these info screens (to add); then, both proposals could be merged,
somehow. Articulation of types of people with the platform benefits:
 * (addition) screen: a "before we start, thank you for
installing/using Mageia" screen toward the user
 * (add.) screen: a "this is the result of people work, time and
donations" type-of screen - we won't have the "thank you" page
directed to contributors (at least, not in the way we expected at
first) but we need some kind of dedicated mention there (who did this
and how)
 * Mageia is a system for people, who stay in control (nothing hidden,
privacy concerns, free software, huge library of software)
 * for businesses: servers, desktops, appliances; secure, stable,
large community support;
 * for developers: full of technologies and tools to build desktop,
server and Web applications;
 * for contributors: it's a community-driven, Open Source project
involved many different disciplines!
 * for you: you tell us what you make with this and how we can make it
better suit you
 * (last screen, add.) a "we hope Mageia will help you to put some
magic in your life" or something along this line that "turns the
table" to the person in front of her device.

I wouldn't focus on the "no price" bit as it leads to the "no value"
one too easily (furthermore, there _is_ a price to pay, if only in
attention/focus on "what is an operating system" and how to install
it). Ah. And we have no "brainstorming" place yet - so better not
mention it.

A last remark, regarding your proposal Marcello, where you use Mageia
as an adjective. As a name/brand, Mageia (and Linux too, btw) is
"something", a name, not a verb/action, neither an adjective - and
should thus not be used like this (and not encouraged to be used as

Why? Not necessarily because that's bad (some people tend to think
this, although that's as well a sign of recognition), but because
being an adjective or a verb, it makes it something describing
something specific (a status or an action).

Mageia is project and a versatile product and a community - that's
already too much for a single name (and we will have time to fix that
later) - but that's precisely something too big (and too young) to
push it toward a status or an action. So, no "Be Mageia" please. :-)

But again, I am afraid we may be quite late here in that I'm not sure
if we will find time to artwork to produce something there before the
end of this week. Nonetheless, this work will still be valid for
further releases :-p

Who takes it further?


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