[Mageia-marketing] Other ideas

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Tue Apr 3 02:53:26 CEST 2012

Hi Josh

I am replying later than intended.

A newsletter is an ok idea, but I think a free PDF magazine for people 
to download with a new issue each month, would be a much better idea in 
the future, when our community is big enough. Something like 
http://pclosmag.com/ and http://fullcirclemagazine.org ,but aimed at 
Mageia users and potential Mageia users.

Full Circle Magazine also has a podcast, and having an official podcast 
for Mageia I think is a great idea. Unfortunately I don't have someone 
else to do one with at the moment, and I don't want to try and start one 
on my own. Also my idea for how I would want the podcast to be like, 
isn't really going to work unless there are enough people who would like 
to come on as a guest. Ideally I would want most episodes to have a 
guest. A guest who is a Mageia contributor, or just a user that would 
like to share their story about why they are using Mageia and what they 
think of it.

I will be going on three or two podcasts to talk about Mageia 2 :).  
Possibly more even if other people would like me on theirs.

I assume at the moment with the magazine idea just like with the Mageia 
podcast idea, currently lacking the helpers. However starting off with a 
weekly or monthly news letter would probably be much easier at the moment.

With certain Mageia related projects, it really will help to have enough 
people first that would like to help with the project. Hopefully Mageia 
2 will bring in a lot of new contributors :).

As for websites, I think that in general the more websites that mention 
Mageia in a positive way the better for the project :).

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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