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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
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On 03/23/2012 01:22 AM, Oliver Burger wrote:
> Am 23.03.2012 01:51, schrieb Josh King (dotmil):
>> Hi All,
>> I have a basic install of moonmoon set up and running on
>> http://mageiapeople.org. I plan to do some design work this weekend so
>> it's not so, well, boring looking.

> I also fail to see a reason for putting things like that up outside the
> Mageia infrastructure.

We have a really big problem right now. We don't even have the
administrative credentials for the services we're in charge of.

It doesn't hurt to sandbox beta technologies anyway, and if it is
something that might fly then we can migrate to the mageia.org zone.

One really good reason for putting things like that up is the complete
lack of command and control, that I have pointed out in another post,
with regards to sandboxing these branstorm/poc/sandboxes/betas, within
our own DNS domain.

> Why not discuss it in advance? You are not working in a vacuum, there is
> a project arround you, isn't there?

Yes, we are operating in a relative vacuum in that regard. unable to
even manage our own resources, by figuring out who has the darn
passwords for doing so.

It was discussed in advance too, in chan on IRC and on this list.

Considering those facts, "Is there a project around him?"

No offense intended Oliver. I'm just pointing a big fat spotlight on
this, presumably temporary, shortcoming of our project.

Kindest regards,

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