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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Tue Apr 3 10:16:59 CEST 2012

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On 03/19/2012 11:58 PM, Patricia Fraser wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Could I ask everyone please: don't top-post replies to the list?

You Go Girl! :)

I'm so glad to hear that. And I noticed that even Sebastian fired off
his last top-post about five hours after your notice in this email ;)

I'm not going to trim this post. I think it should remain so that people
who stumble across this post of mine in the archives be able to absorb,
via osmosis, everything else you said below.

For me, I'm simply going to send directly to /dev/null, via filters,
anyone who does top-post, as I have neither the time nor the inclination
to endure such punishment.

So if anyone thinks I'm ignoring them, I'm not. I've just filtered them
and will only see reference to them if they are quoted inline by someone

So without further ado, here's the rest of Trish's post:

> As of today, I won't be doing it any more; I've always hated it, and
> I'm done putting up with it; I'll be trimming your replies to me
> ruthlessly and answering inline, and I'll explain why I'd like all of
> the marcom team to follow suit.
> What's wrong with top-posting?
>  * It makes messages difficult to read when the answer comes before the
>    question - this is important not only to the original poster and
>    the responder, but to everyone else on the list. Not all of us are
>    native English speakers; we have to be clear and keep the extra
>    waffle to a minimum.
>  * It means the top-poster is less likely to trim (this does matter.
>    There are still many people around the world stuck on dialup with
>    very low data quotas), and subsequent top-posters are then also less
>    likely to trim;
>  * It's going to be seen as rude on plenty of mailing lists, which is
>    absolutely not how we want people to see Mageia's marketing reps.
> Please post your replies in-line, underneath the point you're
> replying to, and trim any parts of the original message(s) that you
> aren't replying to.
> Here's more info on the topic:
> http://www.blakjak.demon.co.uk/gey_stv0.htm
> http://www.html-faq.com/etiquette/?toppost
> http://www.caliburn.nl/topposting.html
> http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1855.html
> Some older than others - all useful.
> Cheers!
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