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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Tue Apr 3 10:17:56 CEST 2012

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There are five currently agreed upon (or not) sets of copy for the
installation screens for those who perform graphical installs of Mageia.

Following Ennael's post which seemingly scraps that out of control
juggernaut (Good call IMO), There's plenty of time to work on this for
Mageia 2.1, Mageia 3 Beta 1, whatev :)

That having been said, we keep asking ourselves about what sets Mageia
apart from other distros (IOW, why use Mageia instead of CentOS or
Fedora, considering that Mageia is 'yet another RPM based distro').

If we all keep asking ourselves this question, and all we get back is
one little control center app, then that is, operationally, the main
difference isn't it (Please, flame me on this one, I really want someone
to take enough offense to this that I hear what makes our distro
operationally and technologically different enough to compel someone to

On the non-production level, we have been receiving much feedback.
Community, Community, Community. Great? Where?

Josh has attempted, along with Sebastian and a few others to address
this issue and sandbox a few proof of concept ideas. I won't go there in
this post, but applaud that effort and point to the fact that because
that effort has support, that we're lacking there with respect to our
current *community* offerings.

What I would like to suggest, is that in the future, one of the screens
direct people, post-installation, to their root user's email inbox to
get more involved, and for further information on post-installation
matters - you might be tired of hearing this, but we do this with Slackware.

"You're almost finished installing the most spectaculicious of all Linux
distributions, but take time to check the email for root when your done
for getting involved with the community" - yeah, a bit loquacious but
you get the idea....

Once the user is finished installing they have post-installation topics,
including an email with links to join certain aspects of the community
(which do not as of yet really exist).

Just thought I'd offer that one up while chewing on a cud of alfalfa :)

Kindest regards,

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