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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
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On 03/25/2012 01:17 PM, Sebastian sebsebseb wrote:
>> We have 5 texts, but some people mostly me) are unhappy with them.

That's because, as marketing folks, we've been publishing some decent
copy when there wasn't anything particularly relevant to produce copy for.

So you're not alone there :)

That lack of satisfaction comes as a result of not really having
anything to say, while being endowed with the skill to say it anyway to
make it seem as if there is.

I offered up one, I think, relevant point (along with another
communications vehicle - the root's inbox) to consider including in our
next spin of Mageia.

Most of the points we provided copy for are just inventive ways of
saying we're not any different than other major distros. The Niche
distros have no problems expressing why you should use them, while we
haven't discovered yet what it is we should be saying.

But when we do, I have confidence that we'll be able to say it with

Maybe we should focus on how we're different from say, debian GNU/Linux
- - the most completely inclusive (wrt software packages) of all Linux
distros, and the greatest success story on the power of the community in
that collaborative regard.

Right now it's hard for me to imagine how we're operationally all that
different from Redhat.

I offered up a hint in one of my posts by directing attention to
MariaDB, hint, hint.

Not to say that MariaDB should be the major SQL server in our default
install, but to showcase the possibilities of being different (um..
better, to be sure).

Kindest regards,

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