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Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Wed Apr 4 05:26:53 CEST 2012

On 03/04/12, Bradley D. Thornton typed:
> I really tired of having to watch the copy for the install screens
> continually revisited, and it looks like it finally came to a conclusion
> - - and I drew conclusions from that mess that I've addressed too.

Hi Bradley

I helped with the install screen texts quite a lot, and made sure the 
graphics designer had made the install screen images with the marketing 
team text, two different versions in fact. It's ashame that none of that 
is going to be used in Mageia 2.  Or maybe Anne's using screen shots 
instead idea can have marketing team text's as part of it?

To give an idea what final installer screen texts would have been or 
been like after some changes:

1. Mageia is more than just a Linux distribution: it'sa community of 
users, developers, and advocates from around the world. (18 words)

2. Mageia is international - you can use it and be part of our community 
in your own language. (17 words)

We need something that explains the repo's, or makes it clear, that 
loads of applications can be quickly downloaded and installed for 3. (Seb)

3. Mageia has lots of different types of applications ready for  quick 
easy install - Office, Internet, Development, Education, and more. (19 

4. Mageia Control Center allows the easy set upofuser accounts, 
hardware, software, networking, security and more. (17words)

5. Using Mageia meansyou are part of our community - please get 
involved! www.mageia.org (13 words)

Pretty good aren't they? Shame none of them will be being used in Mageia 
2 it seems. I guess they can be used in Mageia 3 though instead or 
something similar.

> Our mail server seems to historically suck pretty bad - sometimes a post
> shows up quickly, and sometimes hours later. I dunno what the other
> folks on the admin team are failing to do and I don't have access to
> troubleshoot it but there is an failing there which can stymie the
> timeliness of responses for collaborative work.
> Maybe I'll track down the person who has direct administration over the
> SMTP servers later and beleaguer them with my incessant badgering till
> they fix it - but not now LOL.
Indeed I have had major issues with that before, emails not appearing on 
the mailing list untill much later, went to the system admins team 
channel a few weeks or so ago, when this happended as well for example. 
Plus ended up sending a message again to this mailing list to find out 
if it was working properly or not which it wasn't at the time, and so 
also ended up with the message twice on this mailing list.

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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