[Mageia-marketing] Saturday 19th May 2012

Sebastian sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Sat Apr 21 22:21:30 CEST 2012


I only get 5 minutes for the Mageia Lightning Talk. So any help would be 
appreciated for the talk as a whole, from how I will introduce myself, 
what I will say about Mageia, to how I will end the talk. However I have 
some ideas for this.

I would like some help making some slides for the talk and I would also 
appreciate having help in creating a talk description for the event 
website: http://www.itmegameet.co.uk/

The event won't be like FOSDEM where certain talks get recorded. As a 
result mine won't be recorded and put online, unless I can get someone 
from the audience to record it for me. However I can probably get 
someone from the audience to record it for me on their mobile phone for 
example, but the quality of the video may not be that good as a result 
if that.

It also seems that some people from other parts of the UK that I know 
online who use or know about Mageia may come to the event as well to see 
my talk.  Some people from my LUG may be at the event as well.

Since the event is a few days after the Mageia 2 release if certain 
people are coming I plan to book a restaurant as well for the evening 
and celebrate the Mageia 2 release for example :).

With Ubuntu they have release parties after a new final version has been 
released: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningReleaseParty

There won't be a Mageia side room or stand at the event, but hopefully I 
can be sent official Mageia 2 CD's that I can take with me in a bag and 
stickers as well. Also I did contact Oliver about this before.

With official Mageia 2 CD's there wouldn't be much time to make and then 
send them from abroad so that I have them on Saturday 19th May, since 
the Tuesday 15th May release.

 From Sebastian

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