[Mageia-marketing] Fwd: Re: Question about the trademark policy and usage of the Mageia logo

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Sun Apr 29 23:58:17 CEST 2012

> On 04/05/2012 06:40 AM, Max Quarterpleen wrote:
>> Looks good, but maybe change the bottom part from black to something 
>> a
>> little lighter?
>> One of our blues?
> Yes, as there is an official palette.
> Kindest regards,
> - --
> Bradley D. Thornton


Sorry for the slow answer. Thank you very much for excellent feedback.

The official palette would be excellent but as the 'mageia' text uses 
the whole palette (text and dot on top of letter 'i') it would actually 
mask part of the text nevertheless what palette variant 
(http://www.mageia.org/en/charter.html) is used.

Therefore it looks like the official palette is a bit tricky leaving us 
with four options to choose from:
1) Leave the bottom background totally off 
2) Add a line and text 'Powered by' that both utilize the official 
palette (http://librestickers.com/mageia/mageia.png)
3) Alter the mageia text palette to unofficial
4) Use just some lighter official palette like color

The sticker size is 18mm wide and 26mm high.
The sticker background color is Satin White (matte) which is suitable 
for all options listed above.
There is also a chance of using brushed aluminium background sticker 
which is very elegant and works nicely with options 1 and 2.
One open question is also that should there be a text TM (unregistered 
trademark) following the logo and/or text (as for example Arch Linux 

If everything goes as planned these will go for printing by the end of 
next week and will be ready for distribution by 20th of May... 


P.S. Still planning to visit LinuxTag2012 and bring a stack of these to 
Mageia stand plus there will be the 0,10e/sold sticker (from the coming 
online shop) to the project (10-14% of the actual selling price)

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