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Yay Bradley! and thanks to others for offers of help with this. I
think, like Anne and Bradley, that the more exposure the better - we
need to grow our community, and we won't do that by restricting our
venues, I don't think.

I'm also registered on LQ, if somewhat silent, so let's get a Mageia
forum set up, and if need be we can point people to resources on Mageia
whether they be docs, forums, lists or IRC, thus bridging the gap.

Anyone else want to help?

> On 02/07/2012 11:46 PM, Anne nicolas wrote:
> > Hi there
> > 
> > I got a mail from Jeremy, Linuxquestions.org. Here it is
> > 
> > ==============
> > 
> > Thanks for the quick response. I was interested to know if anyone
> > associated with Mageia would be interested in participating in a
> > Mageia forum at LQ. Basically, we have quite a few distro fora (see
> > http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-distributions-5/ for a
> > full list) and Mageia is one of the only major distro's currently
> > not represented. The only prerequisite for having a LQ distro forum
> > is that someone associated with the project participate. Each
> > participant gets a custom user title that denotes their
> > affiliation. Is this something you think someone within the project
> > would be interested in? You can use a role account or multiple
> > individual accounts, based on your preferences.
> > 
> > ==============
> > 
> > So if you are interested in it just mail me about this and we will
> > setup necessary account
> > 
> > Cheers
> > 
> Hi Anne,
> Yes I mentioned this to Jeremy some time back. Glad to know he finally
> contacted you about this.
> I'm already one of the regular support providers in the Slackware
> forums. I think a Mageia forum at LQ is a great idea.
> I brought this up before here... but it went nowhere. That's when I
> took it to Jeremy. I'm glad we're paying attention to it now :)
> I'm interested in this, but will continue to use my own account which
> has been registered w/LQ since 2003. Let me know how you would like to
> proceed in that regard.
> On another note, Oliver and Josh brought up the notion on this list
> that taking advantage of this opportunity might 'split' the support
> efforts. IMO, and after years of experience as a contributing
> supporter at LQ, I can offer this bit of wisdom to consider:
> 1.) People are going to go to LQ regardless for support, because
> that's what happens there, it's the place where it happens on the
> Internet - even if it's for a crappy distro  like ubuntu, who also
> has their own forums there at LQ.
> 2.) People get support from real UNIX people at LQ. The kind of
> support that isn't always available in distro specific forums at each
> respective distro's home sites.
> This is because many of the problems that people have, regardless of
> the distro they are using, often are only remotely related to the
> distro itself, and more to do with the software that someone is
> having problems with.
> When someone comes to a Mageia for problems with, for example SANE,
> they're going to get a Mageia-centric take on the issue, while the
> problem may be with their scanner, or SANE itself - a problem commonly
> solved at LQ but would not even be addressed by an available HCL at
> the Mageia site.
> That's just one example.
> 3.) Exposure, exposure, exposure. My Mageia reviews at LQ were well
> received, well read by many, and drove probably hundreds, if not
> thousands to Our Mageia downloads... probably resulting in many new
> users of our distro.
> So let me know how you would like me to proceed as an offical support
> rep for Mageia to  obtain our own distro forum at LQ (which is an
> opportunity I really don't think we should pass on.
> Just my two cents. I hope it helps :)
> Kindest regards,
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