[Mageia-marketing] Mageia IRC cloaks and @mageia.org email addresses

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Tue Feb 28 02:00:10 CET 2012


I have been meaning to email about the IRC cloaks for quite some time.

The Mageia Linux organisation has existed for over a year, but on IRC 
none of the Mageia contributors have Mageia IRC cloaks. Ubuntu, Fedora, 
OpenSuse, FSF, Wikipedia, (and of course Freenode,) but also many other 
projects that have their channels on Freenode have IRC cloaks for their 
project. Mageia still lacks this. I wonder why that is? Is the Mageia 
organisation properly registered with Freenode yet?

I think that Mageia IRC cloaks would be a great way to promote Mageia 
when people with a cloak join other channels on the network and show 
people their cloak.

I think Mandriva still has IRC cloaks.

In the case of Ubuntu, people become community members, if they have 
made a  significant and sustained contribution to the project, and then 
one of the things that they get is a IRC cloak whilst they are a 
community member. For more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership

It depends on the project and why, who gets a IRC cloak and email address.

Who gets a IRC cloak and @mageia.org email address and why, is something 
that I think should be discussed and sorted out as a project.

People with IRC cloaks are also likely to have a @ the project email 
address, depending on the project and how things are done. I have 
noticed with Mageia that certain people have @mageia.org email addresses 
already, but it seems to me, that they also tend to be packagers.

As a community I think we should discuss rules for getting and keeping a 
Mageia IRC cloak and @mageia.org email address.

Sometimes people decide not to have a project IRC cloak or email 
address, when they would be entitled to them. Some people have a IRC 
cloak that also mentions another project that they are contributing to.

I think that Mageia IRC cloaks and email addresses should only be given 
to people who are contributing quite lot to Mageia or trying to, for 
example to a official team. There are many ways that I think people who 
are contributing to the Mageia community should be able to receive a 
cloak and email address. For example someone could help with the Magiea 
community a lot on IRC or the forum via end user support or helping to 
build up IRC channels such as #mageia-social and then helping to keep 
people interested in the Mageia community using this channel.  People 
could also start local communities for Mageia.

Oliver Burger (obgr_seneca) took part in a talk at FOSDEM 2012 ( 
http://blog.mageia.org/en/2012/02/19/mageia-at-fosdem-2012/ ) with 
people who were representing other distributions about local 
communities, and I highly recommend that you watch the video, if you 
didn't see the talk already in person or via video. 

With enough people hopefully in the future, I would like to start a 
local community for the UK, and I registered the #mageia-uk IRC channel 
very soon after the September 18th 2010 announcement of Mageia. Local 
communities are meant to have events for Mageia, for example they could 
have a release party soon after a new Mageia release.

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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