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On 24/01/12 20:16, Esteban Mora wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a Mandrake/Mandriva Linux user since 2004 and now I'm testing 
> Mageia. Being Mageia a community project I want to help. I have some 
> ideas and I also want to collaborate with some art work, specifically 
> in the setup process. I'll try to join the IRC channel but be aware 
> that I live in Costa Rica and there is a 6 hour difference in the time 
> zone.
> Thanks,
> Esteban
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Hello welcome to Mageia :)!

Since you are interested in artwork you should join the Mageia artwork 
mailing list as well if you are not already on it. I also suggest 
reading the wiki pages for the marketing and artwork teams if you 
haven't already done so. Someone else can provide more details about 
what you can do for the marketing team if you would like.

There is going to be a special artwork team meeting, which you are 
welcome to join, this evening or for you the afternoon this Wednesday 
the 25th at 7pm UTC/GMT and so 1pm for you I believe. The meeting will 
happen in #mageia-artwork on the Freenode IRC network. Their will 
probably be a public log of the meeting when it has finished: 

The main #mageia channel can be used for distribution support and to 
find out more about Mageia. However if you would also like to get to 
know some of the people in the Mageia community on IRC I suggest coming 
to #mageia-social as well.

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