[Mageia-marketing] Web site, a few updates pending, open for comments

Sebastian sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Fri May 11 23:59:18 CEST 2012

On 11/05/12 15:45, Romain d'Alverny wrote:
> Hi there,
> (xposted on mageia-webteam and mageia-marketing, I'll track answers on
> both lists)
> I'm working on a few changes on the Web site:
>   a. (related to below) a new global top navbar, that's consistent
> across all mageia.org; a preview is available here:
> http://www.mageia.org/en/about/?testnav=1
Nice idea, but doesn't' look quite right to me, however I assume its 
just a draft preview anyway.
> ; documentation for
> using/spreading it is available here: http://www.mageia.org/_nav/ ;
> improvements brought by this new design:
>     - it's consistent and can be consistently deployed and updated in
> all mageia.org sites and apps (using the javascript snippet);
>     - it embeds the Mageia project logo, so branding is consistent too;
>     - it structures and highlights how the mageia.org Web at large is organized.
If I understand correctly the navigation bar is meant to be used by 
other Mageia websites as well not just http://magiea.org ?
>   b. (related to above) a more obvious site map, a preview is available
> here: http://www.mageia.org/fr/map/?testnav=1
Looks good to me :).
>   d. change how people get to mageia.org:
>     1. the home page of www.mageia.org will focus and provide a single
> major call to action: get Mageia; with a few, lower contrast other
> actions (more info, contribute). Preview here:
> http://i.imgur.com/nDlwK.png
Looks good to me :).
>     2. loading the browser in Mageia currently sends you to
> start.mageia.org which in turn redirects to www.mageia.org; I'd like
> to change that so that start.mageia.org goes to
> www.mageia.org/community/
>     3. given these changes, in the new navigation bar, clicking on the
> logo/home position would not redirect to the c.1. home (which is
> targetted to fresh/new visitors) neither /community, but to /map which
> provides a large, top-view of what's available in mageia.org Web site.
> That's quite a change from usual navigation practices (although it is
> used sometimes), and I'm not 100% confident yet, but I think it's
> worth trying something a bit different.
I think I understand this. A new potential user is likely to start on 
http://mageia.org. Usually when a logo is put on a website as part of 
the design it will link back to the homepage, but instead you would like 
it to link to the map page, which I think makes sense.

Then when people are using Mageia you would like Firefox for example to 
open up a contributing to the community page by default, rather than the 
homepage or map which I think makes sense, because ideally we would want 
loads of our users to contribute to it as well.

I have my own request for the website, please mention Identica on the 
website again, and I would suggest having it link to the Mageia group, 
because I make sure important news gets shown there and so on. 

In fact if you got access to the group settings, can you please make me 
an admin of the group, so that I can clear out fake accounts.

Also can you please upload a better logo, because the one that is 
currently there something is wrong with it apparently.

Also ideally Mageia should have people on all the social networking 
sites where Mageia has a presence taking them seriously promoting 
Mageia, so yep Diaspora really as well, which you should probably also 
mention on the http://mageia.org website.

Also ideally the http://identi.ca/mageia account should send the news to 
the group.  Diaspora with another program can send to Identica, and 
Identica can send directly to Twitter.  Then I think Twitter can send to 
Facebook as well some how.

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