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Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Sat May 12 06:00:47 CEST 2012

Hi Romain,

>  a. (related to below) a new global top navbar, that's consistent
> across all mageia.org; a preview is available here:
> http://www.mageia.org/en/about/?testnav=1 ; documentation for
> using/spreading it is available here: http://www.mageia.org/_nav/ ;
> improvements brought by this new design:
>    - it's consistent and can be consistently deployed and updated in
> all mageia.org sites and apps (using the javascript snippet);
>    - it embeds the Mageia project logo, so branding is consistent too;
>    - it structures and highlights how the mageia.org Web at large is
> organized.

I like this much better than the current front page. The only thing I´d
add is a Blog link on the Navbar, that takes you to the blog page, and
some additional text up near the top to take visitors to the downloads
page to get the current release.

I like the site map being linked to the logo on the navbar - what about
some alt text on the logo so mouseover tells you that´s where it will
>  b. (related to above) a more obvious site map, a preview is available
> here: http://www.mageia.org/fr/map/?testnav=1 ; there are several
> (new) sections here that are not ready/do no exist yet; and parts of
> the existing contents need to be reorganized; but this will give you
> an idea; it's the Community and Contribute sections that need a lot of
> thought and work; the site map is organized in 6 sections:
>    - About Mageia (learning about the project and NPO - that's the
> institutional part of the site)
>    - Downloads (learning about and getting the software, updates,
> etc.)
>    - Support
>    - Community (what's happening, who is in this project, what are the
> tools at hand)
>    - Contribute (what one can do in the project)
>    - You (one's user account and facilities with Mageia)

I´d like to look at this in the next 24 hours, and come back to you
with more ideas.

>  c. as introduced above, a new Community section with its own home
> page (mageia.org/community or shorthand mageia.org/coop or ?): that's
> where contributors and active users will want to go for what's in the
> community, who is there, doing what, and what can be done; this
> section's landing page is to summarize news (blog, planet, calendar),
> activities (forum, bugzilla, buildsystem, teams reports)

Do you have anything made up here, or do you want input?
>  d. change how people get to mageia.org:
>    1. the home page of www.mageia.org will focus and provide a single
> major call to action: get Mageia; with a few, lower contrast other
> actions (more info, contribute). Preview here:
> http://i.imgur.com/nDlwK.png (not on par with Mageia bg design, I'm
> still not sure how to integrate it properly); the rationale is:
>       - most people coming to www.mageia.org/ leave quickly;
>       - for (most) new/casual visitors, we tell them the main story:
> download and use Mageia;
>       - for other visitors, with a goal, we propose them shortlinks
> to: Support, Community and About Mageia.Org sections

I think the design decision you´ve made here is fine. If it´s too
similar to the rest of the website, there won´t be any obvious reason
to have it; it should stand out.

You might add a link to the main site, in that list along the bottom,
or maybe to the site map. 
>    2. loading the browser in Mageia currently sends you to
> start.mageia.org which in turn redirects to www.mageia.org; I'd like
> to change that so that start.mageia.org goes to
> www.mageia.org/community/


>    3. given these changes, in the new navigation bar, clicking on the
> logo/home position would not redirect to the c.1. home (which is
> targetted to fresh/new visitors) neither /community, but to /map which
> provides a large, top-view of what's available in mageia.org Web site.
> That's quite a change from usual navigation practices (although it is
> used sometimes), and I'm not 100% confident yet, but I think it's
> worth trying something a bit different.

I´m of your opinion here, and I like it very much; it´s easy to change
if the feedback is negative. If nobody else objects too strenuously, I
think it´s worth trying.

> There's still a lot of improvements in this (and other topic not
> reached here, such as www pages layout in general), and I suspect some
> of the proposed changes above won't make it for some people.

What we in the marcom team need most is for you to tell us what you
need us to write - it would be very good to know that ASAP, because
anything we write should be passed to the i18n team by Wednesday next,
so they can translate in time for release.


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