[Mageia-marketing] quick self-introduction

Rupert Horstkötter rhorstkoetter at opensuse.org
Thu May 24 16:22:41 CEST 2012


I just subscribed to the list and I'd like to introduce myself to the
team quickly.

My name is Rupert Horstkötter, I'm 31 years old, I'm living in
Ober-Ramstadt, Germany and I'm studying business administration and
electrical engineering at TU Darmstadt. I'm a Linux enthusiast and
contributor since around 10 years now, started with Knoppix,
(open)SUSE, etc etc and then settled to Ubuntu as my operating system
of choice (+ some ArchLinux & Mac OSX). I always was very much
interested in various Linux related topics, tinkering, tried numerous
distros on occasion and still do.

>From a more "professional" perspective I have quite some background
with FLOSS marketing and community management/building. That said, I
have been employed at and around SUSE three times now in various
capacities: E.g. I served as a project manager for the initial launch
of the openSUSE forums [1], I have been involved in a restructuring of
the openSUSE wiki [2] and I have been an openSUSE board member for a
two-year term from 2009 to 2011 ... besides other things (Weekly
Newsletter, etc). Just to give a brief overview of my "history".

As of Mageia and the reason I'm here: I passively followed the
creation of the Mageia project almost from day 1 and I feel that
you're doing an awesome job both from a community building and
technical/distribution perspective - my honest appreciation. Following
a Virtualbox installation of Mageia 2 (yes, I was just too curious :p)
and some research on Mageia's website, I decided to join the
mageia-marcom list.

All that said, I'm currently quite busy finishing my studies at
university and thus I won't be able to contribute too much actively at
least from a short term perspective, but I somehow perceived it as a
good idea to finally get in touch closer by subscribing to the list.
I'd like to follow the mageia-marcom discussions a bit if you don't
mind for the time being and I could imagine to get involved in some
(or the other) capacity, i.e. contribute, from a longer term
perspective as I feel you a likeable team looking at the ML archives -
We'll see.


[1] http://forums.opensuse.org/
[2] http://en.opensuse.org/Main_Page
Rupert Horstkötter
Email: rhorstkoetter at opensuse.org
IRC: rhorstkoetter on irc.freenode.net
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rhorstkoetter

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