[Mageia-sysadm] Located near ielo.net / Lost Oasis

Jérôme Hénin heninj at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 23:50:56 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

I read that some sysadmins came to Marseille last week to install
servers in the ielo.net data center. Too bad that I didn't see that
earlier: I live very close to that place, maybe I could have helped
with something. I know that being physically close to the servers is
not often useful, but if there anything I can do, please let me know.
At least, next time people come here to tend to the servers, I can
offer a round of drinks, or even a pizza, who knows :-)


PS: I hope this is not too far off-topic for this list. If it is, I
apologize. Please flame me off-list to reduce traffic ;-)

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