[Mageia-sysadm] Some news about new mageia servers

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Tue Dec 6 18:39:21 CET 2011


Some news about the new hardware for Mageia servers.

Backup server:
The server donated by Nanar was pick up, and we received the new disks
(3 * 2TB) used in RAID5. The server is now installed with Mageia 1 and
GPT partitions.

Packagers server:
The server has been received. It needs to be installed with Mageia 1,
but there seemed to be no problem when coincoin tested with Mageia 1
live iso.

Build nodes:
The 2 SSD have been received. They will be used in build nodes, jonund
and ecosse. We also have 4 * 80GB disks that were donated. The 80GB disks
will be used in raid 1 to install the system, and the SSD will be used
by iurt to build the packages. For the previous disks, one of them had
problems (on ecosse), the other one will be removed from jonund to be
used on an ARM build node.

We will replace the two disks on valstar (caviar black 2TB), with
WD RE4 2TB disks. One of the old disks had problems, the other one will
be used on an ARM build node.

ARM build nodes:
The 2 freescale MX53 boards have been received. They will be installed
with Mageia 1 by rtp. coincoin and rtp will also build a box for them.
The disks used will be the old 2TB disk from valstar, and 1TB disk from

Server from TV:
We have a server donated by Thierry Vignaud : IBM x346 (quad Xeon
@2.80GHz, 8Go DDR2, 6 * 73Gb/SCSI disks, 2U). We need to see what we
can do with this server, if we have enough space for it in datacenter,
or if we keep it as spare server in case an other server breaks.

Now we will need to find a date to go to Marseille, probably in January,
see who wants to come, and which car we will use.

We should also test the upgrade of our Mandriva servers to Mageia 1 in
VMs, to do it when we are in Marseille.

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