[Mageia-sysadm] update of sympa

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Feb 2 20:17:36 CET 2011

Le mercredi 02 février 2011 à 17:29 +0100, Michael Scherer a écrit :
> Hi, 
> I am upgrading sympa to 6.1 on alamut, for the problem we discussed
> before. I have backported a rpm.

Sympa upgrade didn't turned to be the walk in the park I expected.
( or at least, not the park on a sunny day without trouble, more like
Steven Seagal going to the park to encounter some guys with guns ).

So to keep short sympa backport required backported perl module, and I
had to do a diff and upgrade the db by hand. It should be ok now. 

Next time, i will not trust upstream on the basis that it should be
painless :)

Michael Scherer

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