[Mageia-sysadm] mediawiki

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 13 16:48:23 CET 2011

Hi Sysadmins

I have finally (almost) finished my work on mediawiki.
I put it on the mandrivauser ftp for reviewing (and finishing it). Info 

First: there is no ldap-extension in the package, since I don't know 
Second: the src.rpm creates two rpm packages, a normal mediawiki 
package and our multilingual one.
We should somehow patch it so that normal mediawiki uses its own user 
registration tool and authentification while the mageia multilingual 
one should use catdap for registration and ldap for authentification...

A few notes:
I added a few php scripts and one bash script. The bash script can be 
found in mediawiki's bin directory and is not accessible by the web 

What has to be done manually:
- vhost has to be setup in webserver config pointing to 
- my bash script has to be run once for creating the database 
template, note:
my scripts are using a database naming schema of "prefix_<langcode>", 
the template is called "prefix_template1.
- mediawiki's setup procedure has to be run once for creating the 
LocalSettings.php file. As database name enter the name of the template 
database. At the end of LocalSettings.php you have to add a line
	include 'LocalSettingsChanges.php';
- edit Languages.php and the languages arry in the bash-script (add 
all the languages you want) and rerun my bash script again for copying 
the template and thus creating the per language databases.

I hope, what I did is usable...

Have a nice Sunday,

And now I must tell you, that I won't be available for questions till 
monday evening, since I'm on a business meeting with my boss.

Oliver aka obgr_seneca

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