[Mageia-sysadm] LDAP group for translator, delegation

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Sat Feb 19 16:07:28 CET 2011


 After the meeting of i18n, where people asked me to come to discuss tx, 
 I discovered
 that it was not working for people outside of me, due to various acl 

 So now this is fixed ( rev 1139 ), there is the question of who should 
 access transifex.

 Jehane on #mageia-i18N proposed to have the access for each tranlator ( 
 sound good ),
 and I proposed to restrict staff/super user privileges to team leader. 
 ( I do not know yet
 what it mean for transifex ).

 First question :

 Should we have 1 big group for that, and let people manage the various 
 subteams outside
 of ldap, or have 1 group per language ?

 1 big group is easier, and we can delegate the management to 1/2 person 
 ( ie i18n team leader ).

 Several group is IMHO more scalable, but this requires more work on our 
 side. And this will not
 map to permission on tx and the blog, among others.

 Second question :

 For delegation, I know that some stuff are planned in catdap, but for 
 the moment do people think
 this is ok to place team leader as owner of the group in ldap, and ask 
 them to use a ldap editor ( for those
 that know it, of course ). The connexion should be secured, and the 
 access should be simple enough, but
 we should better check twice

 Michael Scherer

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