[Mageia-sysadm] Catdap trunk instance, and update

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Jan 6 00:07:51 CET 2011

some people asked us^W to have a trunk installation of catdap, and so
here it is :

Updated every 15 minutes, from trunk.

yes, it look nicer than https://identity.mageia.org/ . I suspect the
merge didn't went as well as I thought. 

I plan to announce it to the unsuspecting world once trunk is fully
merged in branch/live and then ask people to register to it for sympa
ml, and tx, and so on, unless someone give a raeson to not do it.

There is several forms to enhance ( so far, i only work on login and
register one, and I would get ride of captcha on the register one if
possible ), I followed mainly this guide to refresh my memory
http://www.lukew.com/resources/articles/WebForms_LukeW.pdf , but not
everything is done. 

For example, the register page could be more usable if the title was not
so huge ( IMHO ) ( and getting ride of the captcha would also help, it
depend on what we want to prevent, a simple mathematical question would
be better ).

Michael Scherer

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