[Mageia-sysadm] Forum VM needs

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Jan 12 21:27:48 CET 2011

Hi there,

As it seems VM creation takes a little bit of time due to people being under heavy load at work Anne and misc considered the option of creation the Xen VM on one of our servers (we could migrate the VM on atalante later)

For that misc asked for Forum needs...

For the beginning i'll consider that we are going to put everything on the same machine (DB and PHP). This is not rally brilliant to virtualize DB servers but i guess this will not kill the VM in the first monthes as the tables will not be big.

So phpBB needs a LAMP Stack : Apache + PHP5 + MysSQL5 (it prefers to have MySQLi extention)

And we'll need with php the optional :
-- zlib compression (better having it)
-- remote ftp support (well... i'm not in favor even if documentation asks for it)
-- XML support (better having it)
-- Image Magick support (better having it)
-- GD support (same as Image magick)

For source management git will be used... so we'll need it too :)

As forum have often to face bruteforce having Fail2ban would be really great... for every open service like ssh but also for forums... i'd like to have Fail2ban parse a file of phpBB failed login to trigger a IP low level ban during a few hours or more...

For forum management we'll need :
-- access to sources (read/write)
-- access to data zones (avatars and uploaded things) (read/write)
-- access to accesslogs and errorlogs (read)
-- hability to change php log levels
-- access to php logs (read)
-- console access to database(s) (i'd prefer to avoid completely phpMyadmin on the forum server)

For performance questions : i guess forum opening will trigger a rather vast amount of people coming (at least to register their nicks)... i'd be happy to avoid the server being loaded to death.

So i'm targetting at least one thousand simultaneous users being active on the forum... that will do for apache tuning.

For database that will mean 800 to 1200 requests per seconds...

We'll have 2 - 3 monthes to see the tables grow and tune the indexes and the memory accordingly.

But i think our needs will stabilize around 4-6 GO for RAM if the forum gets really used (we'll have to tune mysql to keep many requests in cache) apache+mysql all included... if we split later apache and mysql on separate machines the needs on each machine will be obviously lower.

For app disk space code is under 50 megs... and with hundred of avatars uploader we will not grow above 1GO

For database disk space even after years of activity we'll remain under 5GO

We'll need to set up some tables with havy read and write accesses with InnoDB (not all) : that would be great to have one file per table innodb option enabled

Nota : i'd like to use https (at least for admin accesses)... so that will mean to enable ssl and open 443 port also

That's all for system level... i think directory structures (Which concerns apache web root config) can be dealt with later...

Tell me if you have got everything you need for VM creation...



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