[Mageia-sysadm] [Mageia-webteam] Forum VM needs

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Jan 12 23:05:44 CET 2011

Le 12/01/2011 22:37, nicolas vigier a écrit :
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Maât wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> As it seems VM creation takes a little bit of time due to people being under heavy load at work Anne and misc considered the option of creation the Xen VM on one of our servers (we could migrate the VM on atalante later)
>> For that misc asked for Forum needs...
>> For the beginning i'll consider that we are going to put everything on the same machine (DB and PHP). This is not rally brilliant to virtualize DB servers but i guess this will not kill the VM in the first monthes as the tables will not be big.
>> So phpBB needs a LAMP Stack : Apache + PHP5 + MysSQL5 (it prefers to have MySQLi extention)
> Do you know if it would be possible to use Postgresql instead of MySQL ?
> We already have a Postgresql server running on alamut that we could use.
phpBB3 is supposed to work with PostgreSQL 7.3+ though it's not as widely used as MySQL as a phpBB backend.

The problem (for me) is that i just know the basic of PostgreSQL... so we'll need someone else skilled enough to tune it (and i'd be truly happy to learn from him/her)

>> And we'll need with php the optional :
>> -- zlib compression (better having it)
>> -- remote ftp support (well... i'm not in favor even if documentation asks for it)
>> -- XML support (better having it)
>> -- Image Magick support (better having it)
>> -- GD support (same as Image magick)
> Do you have a list of packages needed ? Or config files to change ?
Nothing to change or configure for these so packaged version would be ok

(we'll need to play with php.ini, my.cnf and apache config i think that's all)

I guess all of these come automatically with task-lamp-php

>> For source management git will be used... so we'll need it too :)
> Why do you need source management ? What would be hosted in this
> source repository exactly ?
Because wel'll use git to switch from version to version... (.git part will not be under apache web root so this will not affect security)

There will be a central node repos (somewhere... perhaps github or gitorious) cloned from upstream phpbb... from there we'll clone dev repos to add our changes... templates, mods integrations, specific patches etc.

We'll clone also integration repos (used for first test level) from which test repos will be cloned and then production will be at the end

Of these 3 i'd like at least to have test on the server (and production obviously)

> Do you need modifications in phpBB sources ?
yes... some coming from (more or less) official patches (called "mods") some coming from ash and i and perhaps other php devs

> If that's only for configuration files, we can host them on puppet svn
> and deploy them with puppet.
if you want to play with puppet for production and having us not touching it with our dirty hands (^^) i'm perfectly ok with that... but i neeed a integration and testing forum with cascaded by git cloning (and i need to sync database of test from production to simulate version migration then cancel and replay as much a i need) so that we test our changes (and the migration process) on a perfectly identic env before putting them in production.

(And git will be the spine of all that process)
> Can we have access to the sources, list of changes (if changes are
> needed), and configuration files somewhere ?
> If a source management is needed, I would use Mageia svn for now, and
> later an other source management software when it is setup on Mageia
> servers.
Svn does not offer enough flexibility for playing with our repository while keeping a true link with upstream to merge their change with ours without pain :-/

(Sorry but here SVN is not an option we should consider viable imho)

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