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Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Sat Jan 15 16:46:39 CET 2011

Le 15/01/2011 16:11, Michael scherer a écrit :
> On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 11:46:38AM +0100, Maât wrote:
>> Le 13/01/2011 13:29, Michael Scherer a écrit :
>> ----8<----
>>> In any case, postgresql to mysql conversion doesn't look doable.
>> It could be done using things like TOS
> Url ? 

>>> But we are not ready, see my answer about gitorious. So here is a
>>> proposal in 4 steps :
>>> Now :
>>> - we do a git checkout every 5 minutes ( just need the url, and
>>> testing )
>> Ouch
> Why ouch ?
> 5 minutes is too often, not often enough ?
> ( this is configurable, as this is based on cron )
> I would prefer a pull based approach rather than push, because 
> 1) this is already written
> 2) this is more secure
> But it may not be good for deployment.
ok for pull but human-triggered !

in case of a commit pushed by error i don't want production forum follow the move by itself !

>>>>> Do you need modifications in phpBB sources ?
>>>> yes... some coming from (more or less) official patches (called "mods") some coming from ash 
>>>> and i and perhaps other php devs
>>> /me close eyes when reading "(more of less) official patches".
>> That's the way phpBB people deals with "mods" : authors (not phpBB Team) publish them on the mods 
>> dedicated forum, and you are free to use (or not) them without warranty at all some are widely 
>> used and well known to be stable...
>> That's why integration and testing stages are so important
> Because software distribution is crappy ?
> That's indeed a good reason ( now, do not be asthonished if we joke on php... )
cleanlyness of projet is not linked with the language or technology used... it's much more linked to the way people are organized inside the communities :)
>>>>> If that's only for configuration files, we can host them on puppet svn
>>>>> and deploy them with puppet.
>>>> if you want to play with puppet for production and having us not touching it with our dirty hands (^^) i'm perfectly ok with 
>>>> that... but i neeed a integration and testing forum with cascaded by git cloning 
>>>> (and i need to sync database of test from production to simulate version migration then cancel and replay as much a i need) 
>>> Could we do it with a master/slave replication without much trouble ?
>>> ( and possibly, one that would automatically recreate the db once it is
>>> dropped )
>>> Or we can do snapshot using lvm, but I think this can be quite fragile.
>> Nope... master/slave replication will not fit my needs : i need 2 separate bases. The production i won't play 
>> with it.
>> For testing : once i updated the code to the new version there can be SQL modifications : new tables, alter tables, 
>> insert or update for rows...
>> This will be triggered from admin board of phpBB... with a master/slave this would be forbidden or would brake 
>> replication
> That's the idea, stop the replication for testing purposes. Hence my note about recreating it once we 
> drop the slave.
> We start with a clean db, we replicate.
> Once we want to test the upgrade, we stop replication, we test.
> We drop the db, we resync if needed
> Once we finished the test, we drop the tables, and we restart the synchronisation.
Haaaaaa !

that's brilliant !

(i'm ashamed to admit that i did not imagine to use db synchronization this way)

Of course if this is doable i'm ok more twice than one :)

>> But we could perfectly use the last (nightly ,) production backup to populate the test base when i need to go 
>> back to "clean production state"
> This requires use to do backup, and so have at least a backup process
> But we can also do it. I just think that replication would be less heavy 
> on IO than dump/reload when needed ( and would be easier to automate ).
doing backups would be a good idea imho

> I wonder if we could distribute sql dump of the forum on mirror ( like we could for bugs ). I see
> no obvious use for that at the moment, but liberating data can lead to unexpected usages, and would
> be a interesting move ( or a at least, a interesting thought experiment, since there is private messages
> involved, so this would requires cleaning  ) 
that would need cleaning indeed as french law (and imho ethics too wether legally enforced or not) protects personal data



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