[Mageia-sysadm] Tier1 Mirrors

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Mon May 9 17:27:02 CEST 2011

nicolas vigier (boklm at mars-attacks.org) wrote on 9 May 2011 17:05:
 >On Mon, 09 May 2011, Carlos Carvalho wrote:
 >> I think a tier1 mirror should indeed meet some requirements:
 >> - minimum bandwidth
 >> - mirror all of the repository, to allow other mirrors update from
 >>   them
 >> - update frequency
 >Good idea.
 >For tier1 :
 >- minimum BW: 1Gb/s ?


 >- update frequency: 15mn ?

That's very frequent. I think it's not necessary, and it'll produce a
high load on the master due to the disk scans. For short update
periods the amount of changes/download is small and the disk scans are
the biggest load. For now it won't be a problem because the repository
is still small but later it'll be a bottleneck. Note that it also
causes a load on the mirrors because there's a disk scan there too. I
suggest 2h.

That said, we have no problem with whatever frequency you choose.

 >> About the update frequency, you might want to provide triggering for
 >> the tier1s. It makes updates much more efficient. Some distros use it
 >> and for Debian it's a requirement for a tier1.
 >Interesting. The "Push Mirroring" ?


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